Soul & SSE - Selling boiler and heating cover

Boiler and heating cover is an insurance. Consequently, it’s often sold as ‘peace of mind’. Or ‘no-one wants a big, unexpected repair bill’. Few people struggle with such logic. Yet, many aren’t prompted to act.; there’s no urgency. When you associate heating with cold weather you contextualise and dramatise its worth, its value, its necessity.


That’s why MISSION Agency Soul hit upon taking the Met weather forecast in people’s area to show that said people will be needing their heating imminently. That in turn made them appreciate the jeopardy that heating cover is there to, well, cover should the the worst indeed happen when they call upon their boiler to do its business.


Imminence and proximity make things real and inject and urgency of action. So we made the weather forecast the hero, showed a young person experiencing it and then used neon (a brand usage requirement for SSE) to highlight how SSE has you covered. We took a creative approach that didn’t bully or scare but elegantly dramatised the impact of the weather coming your area: our audience decoded the rest.


Compared to the exiting control communication, the response to our weather driven approach was five times greater. That’s a percentage increase of 421%.




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