Covonia - Bucking the trend to outrun the competition

Covonia was among the leading cough brands, with a memorable brand identity and punch-packing medicinal flavour. But in a saturated market, faced with heavy-spending competitors, Covonia tasked MISSION Agency Bray Leino with creating an ad campaign as powerful as its product.


Audience research revealed an obvious but valuable insight – people prefer a powerful, fast acting remedy that lets them get on with their day. This gave us an opportunity to harness what people already love about the brand and dial up the message.


Our trend-bucking solution? Instead of focusing on effectiveness like everyone else, we connected with the audience on an emotional level, through the bullish attitude and power of the brand mascot, Vince the Bull. TV and outdoor advertising was amplified through social media and a Chatbot in the guise Vince, who helps sufferers choose the right product based on individual symptoms.



The campaign outperformed every other brand in the market; Sales soared 25%, growing market share by 2% and winning multiple awards in the process.


But, in true Covonia spirit, we didn’t stop there. For Covonia’s next campaign, we turned to digital innovation to cut ahead of the competition. We developed a bespoke machine learning tool to analyse multiple data sources and predict cough outbreaks and locations around the UK – forecasting one week ahead with 95% accuracy. We used this insight to efficiently target ad spend by region, landing Covonia’s hard-hitting message when it mattered most.


Another award-winning project, the cough predictor campaign challenged category rules, reducing marketing budget and setting ambitious commercial targets. Covonia sales increased 7%, outperforming the market by 4%, during the season.