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Identifying the opportunities

The MISSION Group’s interim announcement confirms July’s trading update, showing revenues up 17% and continuing…

22 September 2021

Broad-based recovery

The MISSION Group’s update indicates good trading in H121, with revenues up 9% and continuing sequential quarter-on-quarter…

14 July 2021

Executive interview

In this video, The MISSION Group CEO, James Clifton, talks through the group’s trading in FY20 and progress made. He outlines…

14 April 2021

Sequential quarterly gains

The MISSION Group’s FY20 results were in line with the pre-close update, with sequential improvements in quarterly…

14 April 2021

Looking for the bounce back

The MISSION’s trading update indicates the group had a comfortably better Q4 than expected, with the full-year PBT…

20 January 2021

Looking out to FY21

With an improving outlook for advertising spend, The MISSION should see a good bounce in revenues in FY21. Initiatives such…

10 December 2020

executive interview

In this interview, The MISSION Group CEO James Clifton shares what he thinks the coronavirus pandemic has revealed about…

23 September 2020

Shaping up for resuming growth

The MISSION’s H120 results were as indicated at the trading update, with headline pre-tax loss of £2.2m. H220…

23 September 2020

Creativity pays

MISSION’s wide-ranging activities, efficient ability to work remotely and close, long-standing client relationships…

16 July 2020

First green shoots

The Mission’s trading update indicates some early signs of increasing activity among clients in the technology, healthcare…

21 May 2020

The MISSION Group – Executive interview

James Clifton, CEO of The The MISSION Group, discusses how the group is differentiated from other marketing services and…

01 April 2020

Executive interview

James Clifton, CEO of The MISSION Group, discusses how the group is differentiated from other marketing services and agency…

01 April 2020

On message

The Mission has reported FY19 results in line with levels indicated in the year-end update, with an 11% uplift in adjusted…

01 April 2020

Last minute surge

MISSION’s full year trading update confirms that the group performed in line with market expectations, with the last…

22 January 2020

Creative business partner for brands

MISSION’s new CEO James Clifton, appointed in April, is setting his stamp on the group, recasting it as a business…

25 September 2019

Capital markets day (CMD): Breadth of value

The recent CMD allowed themission’s newly-appointed CEO, James Clifton, to outline the direction of travel to best…

07 June 2019

Another year of progress

Themission’s FY18 results were in line with the trading update, with good top-line growth (buoyed by the Krow acquisition),…

09 April 2019

Good reasons to krow

Themission’s FY18 trading update indicates that it expects to deliver results in line with market expectations; 10%…

22 January 2019

Successful incubation

Themission has announced the disposal of BroadCare, a software application that had been developed within the group’s…

12 November 2018

Simpler and stronger

The mission has delivered another set of good trading results, with H118 organic revenue growth of 5% (10% including acquisitions)….

19 September 2018

Krow: Bar raised

The mission has delivered good FY17 results and announced the purchase of Krow Communications, a well-regarded London advertising…

11 April 2018

Adding value and building margin

The mission’s year-end trading update indicates that its FY17 profits were a shade ahead of the market forecast, with…

25 January 2018