Fiat - The Collection

In a category, drowning in big spending, boxy, uninspiring small cars, supported by equally drab marketing, how could MISSION Agency, krow London, elevate Fiat 500 above its competitors and grab the attention of stylish drivers everywhere?



85% of people chose Fiat 500 for its stylish looks. So we moved it out of the crowded small car category and re-positioned it as a fashion brand:


You don’t drive a Fiat 500, you wear it.


The ‘Fiat 500 Collection’ took the car from the inside pages of AutoTrader to the front cover of Grazia, from social posts about trim levels to a Facebook car selector based on the colour you wear most.



The campaign enabled Fiat to engage with fashion-conscious drivers by giving each version in the range its own stylish identity and showcasing the extensive personalisation options available.



This differentiating positioning and disruptive creative platform delivered 26 months of continual growth, taking it to no.1 selling A-segment car in the UK, a spot it has retained for 10 consecutive years.


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