Story’s campaign means endless new subscribers

MISSION Agency Story UK have had endless fun rolling out their new positioning for Client Everleaf non-alcoholic aperitifs. ‘Endlessly delicious’ encapsulates the ever-intriguing complexity of flavour in each variety of Everleaf, as well as the brand’s commitment to sustainability.


A series of re-branded online ads, emails and social posts, including a prize featuring a hamper of delicious goodies, resulted in 7,000 new newsletter subscribers in the run up to Christmas. Story’s campaign for January promised to make this ‘the most delicious Dry January EVER’ – with motivating, content-rich emails to subscribers and more weekly prizes to incentivise purchase.

Paul Mathew, founder of Everleaf said: “We were looking for a new positioning that would help us build on the success we’d seen since launching in 2019. Story really understood where we’re coming from and created this platform that sums up everything that’s unique and exceptional about what we do. We’re really excited for what comes next.”


Story’s Creative Director Olivia Donaldson said: “It’s been a joy to work so closely with the team at Everleaf. They care so deeply about the product they’re creating, so it’s been a privilege to find a way to express that passion to the wider world.”


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