Story UK, Ardbeg and BlockBar collaborate on a groundbreaking new whisky

Story UK and Ardbeg have teamed up with BlockBar – an NFT marketplace for wines and spirits – to launch their very first NFT whisky. Ardbeg Fon Fhòid, Gaelic for ‘under the turf’, was buried beneath the peat bogs of Islay for almost three years. This groundbreaking maturation experiment was dreamt up as a way of discovering the effects an oxygen-deprived, water-laden, boggy environment would have on Ardbeg’s spirit.


“I think it’s safe to say we’ve unearthed a truly special Ardbeg here. Ardbeg Fon Fhòid is the epitome of Ardbeg – earthy, mucky and peaty, with one hell of a nose!” Dr Bill Lumsden, Master Distiller


To launch this digital dram, Story produced the concept for the bottling, followed by a series of launch assets and a tasting film, conducted ‘on Islay’ by Dr Bill Lumsden, Master Distiller. You can watch the hole story here:



As this is such a rare and exciting endeavour for the brand, Fon Fhòid is expected to fly off the virtual shelves as Ardbeggians clamour to get their hands on one of only 456 bottles. But here’s the twist, for anybody wishing to actually sip the stuff, they’ll have to first destroy their digital NFT!


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