Story shares the Know How to keep Scotland well this winter

MISSION Agency Story UK is launching a new campaign for NHS Scotland, encouraging the nation to get prepared for the winter season. Winter is always an incredibly busy time for the NHS, but with the additional pressure of COVID-19, it was vital to help manage the demands placed on frontline NHS services.
Now airing across TV, radio and social media, the campaign shares ‘a bit of Healthy Know How’ – the simple health tips needed to stay well. For the TV commercial, a nostalgic animation style and classic cartoon soundtrack were created. The ad features lovable character Billy and his playful cat Pumpkin who bring the health tips to life, whilst voice over Jordan Young (Scot Squad, River City) shares the Healthy Know How to stay well this winter.

Suzy Aspley, Chief Communications Officer at NHS 24, said: “We wanted a creative that would have real stand-out in the middle of a huge volume of other national health messaging and our public testing suggested ‘healthy know how’ would do that. It’s delivering important health messaging in a warm and friendly style which translates well across all platforms.”

Heather Hughes, Senior Copywriter at Story, said: “At a time when NHS messaging is dominating our screens, we knew we had to create real stand-out. We wanted the campaign to be unique and engaging, but it also had to be incredibly hard working, covering a number of key health messages. Healthy Know How gave us the ideal vehicle to deliver these health tips in a fun and memorable way. I’m proud that we’ve created a charming, stylish and informative campaign that will help people stay well and relieve the pressure on our NHS.”



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