Pinterest and Livity unveil "Represent": A vibrant celebration of Black artistry on its platform

Pinterest has partnered with youth culture Agency Livity to launch “Represent.”  This dynamic project is a collaborative effort between Pinterest and a diverse group of 25 Black UK artists and creators. 


Together, they have curated a collection of compelling downloadable wallpapers, each a unique representation of their vibrant communities. The project goes live on 18th September 2023 (today) and will be available exclusively on the Pinterest UK profile.


Livity played a crucial role in sourcing the talented artists and managing the creative process from inception to delivery. The collaboration reflects Pinterest’s commitment to supporting Black artists who have played a pivotal role in shaping the platform.


As a hub for inspiration and creativity, Pinterest and “Represent” aims to amplify these artists’ voices and make their incredible work accessible to a global audience.


The “Represent” wallpaper collection is a mosaic of artistry showcasing a breath-taking array of downloadable wallpapers that span various artistic domains. From captivating typography and mesmerising 3D-design to digital art, graphic design, photography, illustration, and more, each wallpaper tells a compelling story of what the artist’s community means to them.


Ash Greenwood, Lead Creative Executive at Pinterest comments: “Pinterest has always been a platform where people find inspiration through creativity. ‘Represent’ is a testament to our commitment to celebrating and uplifting Black communities, and the incredible artistry they bring to our platform.”


Alex Goat, CEO of Livity comments: “We are delighted to work with Pinterest and these incredible creatives to bring the campaign to life. ‘Represent’ is more than just a collection of wallpapers; it’s a celebration of diversity, creativity, and community.”


The launch of this series sits alongside the announcement of the second edition of Pinterest’s Creator Inclusion Fund – this time specifically supporting UK-based Black creators and content producers. The fund is part of Pinterest’s ongoing work to make the internet a more inclusive and positive space, elevating the work of historically marginalised communities through financial and educational support. Full details including how to apply can be found here.


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