Mongoose Promotions becomes SPARK

MISSION Agency Mongoose Promotions today announced that they are rebranding to become SPARK Marketing Services Limited (SPARK), a move aimed at shedding light on their expanding service offering.


SPARK CEO David Pearson talked us through the decision: ‘Since the business began in 2016, we’ve worked with brands and agencies large and small to create fantastic work. Providing our Clients with everything from promotions and partnerships to B2B representation, consumer benefits and rewards, and beyond.’


‘Given the breadth of the services we now offer, Mongoose “Promotions” just doesn’t do our capabilities justice. It’s time for a change, and a new name gives us a better chance to reflect the broad offering we have for our Clients.’


‘We’ve always prided ourselves on finding the right solution to influence the behaviour of both consumers and employees alike, and we’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership with our friends at Innovationbubble.’


‘As a team of commercial psychologists, Innovationbubble are uniquely positioned to help us understand the 80% of the decision-making process that takes place unconsciously. Ensuring that we can create campaigns that have a real impact on consumer behaviour.’


Founded in 2016, Mongoose Promotions have worked on high profile promotions across Europe for the likes of Mars, Lidl, Britvic and AirWick. They also hold the B2B representation contracts for multiple cinema chains and operate the market leading cinema benefit platform The Cinema Society which is unaffected by the rebrand.


You can view their new website here:


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