Licence Check appoints The MISSION Group to create new B2B campaign

Licence Check article

The MISSION Group has been briefed to create a B2B campaign to raise awareness about the importance of managing the occupational road risk of ‘grey fleets’, which are vehicles owned and driven by an employee for business purposes. The campaign will promote Licence Check’s DAVIS driver and vehicle risk platform and showcase how it enables companies to manage grey fleets in a smarter way by identifying and managing risk, automating processes, and minimising the associated administrative burden.

The campaign, which launches on social media in the coming months, will target prospects from selected functions and sectors This allows the brand to increase the relevance of the messaging for each target group, emphasising the importance and implications of managing this risk in a way that will resonate.

Katy Holding, Head of Marketing at Licence Check says, “The MISSION Group’s creative, social, and digital expertise is really going to make a positive impact on how we manage our online activity, making our content more relevant, more informative, and more impactful. We are really excited about working with MISSION to elevate our brand positioning and reach new audiences through this highly targeted campaign.”

James Clifton, CEO, at The MISSION Group, says: “An increasing number of companies are operating so-called ‘grey’ fleets. But there remains a large gap in knowledge and appreciation of the importance of how to manage the safety, compliance, and operational risks of this model. We are delighted to embark on this new relationship with Ebbon Dacs and Licence Check to improve awareness of grey fleet issues among their target audience and help keep UK roads safer.”



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