krow to Kyiv Step Challenge

Throughout April, all four of our krow offices are taking part in the On Your Feet Britain initiative. Although doing slightly different challenges, the goals are the same: raising awareness of the importance of staying active and raising money for good causes whilst doing so.


krow London are walking the equivalent of the distance from their London office to the centre of Kyiv and back again to raise money for Médécins Sans Frontières. Two weeks in, they’ve passed the halfway point and are now on the return leg, reaching 3,053,722 steps out of 6,040,230. You can donate here:


krow Central have started their 10-day challenge of traveling 1,106 miles – a round trip of the four UK krow offices raising money for One Roof Leicester, which aims to fight homelessness in the city. You can donate to this brilliant cause here:


krow.x are raising money for Pathways Norwich/St Martin’s Housing Trust, which together are combating homelessness in and around Norwich. They are also doing a walking tour of the four UK krow offices and are over halfway to completing their target. The link to donate is here:


krow Ireland gave themselves the goal to walk, run and cycle the distance between Belfast and Kyiv throughout April – a total of 1,546 miles. They are going strong and nearly halfway there.



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