krow Central celebrates South Asian family life with new ad for Elephant Atta

MISSION Agency krow have launched the latest campaign for new Client Elephant Atta – and their premium atta flour products.


Appointed without a pitch, the win comes off the back of the Agency’s successful ‘Life More Flavoured’ campaign for Rajah Spices – another brand in the Westmill stable.

A cherished name in South Asian households, Elephant Atta asked krow to devise a heartwarming campaign to captivate audiences by celebrating the vital role of Elephant Atta in South Asian family life.


“Home is where the Elephant Atta is” captures the everyday moments that make South Asian family life so special. It features real families from diverse backgrounds, welcoming viewers into their homes and kitchens as they prepare cherished meals together. This authentic portrayal pays homage to the cultural significance of food and the bonds it creates.

Watch the directors-cut of the TV and cinema ad, featuring prose from British rapper, Raxstar – one of the most popular artists in Desi hip hop.


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