Bray Leino returns Thatchers to TV with new ad from Aardman

MISSION Agency Bray Leino returns Thatchers to TV with a new ad for 2023, partnering the Somerset cider maker with multi-Academy Award® winning studio Aardman.


First airing today, the commercial uses stop motion animation to bring the viewer through the gates of Thatchers’ Myrtle Farm home in a light-hearted and affectionate way. We see how the family cider maker’s dedication along every step of the production process achieves Pint-Sized Perfection.


The perfectly crafted, hand-made miniature world faithfully recreates iconic elements of Myrtle Farm to tell the story of carefully crafting the perfect drop of cider. Some familiar faces make an appearance throughout the commercial, including fourth generation cider maker Martin Thatcher making a big entrance for the weekly 12.30 tasting, as well as Myrtle, the beloved family dog. The ad is also peppered with playful touches for eagle-eyed viewers – such as the ‘apple spa’ and its ‘Leaf Guard’, and a special appearance from the Thatchers hot air balloon from previous ads.



This new commercial marks Bray Leino’s first creative campaign for Thatchers since winning the account from previous incumbent, having worked exclusively as media Agency for over 10 years.


Kate Cox, CEO, says: “We’ve got a long history of working with both Thatchers and Aardman; we were thrilled to be able to bring three fantastic south west businesses together to create this great spot for Thatchers.”


Martin Thatcher, who has had cameo appearances in all of Thatchers recent TV ads, says, “We’re so grateful to Bray Leino for partnering us with Aardman, a truly iconic brand with such amazing creative genius, and allowing us to introduce consumers to a new light-hearted, storytelling creative about our ciders. The fact that all three businesses are based in the West Country makes it all the more perfect.


“With total commitment to quality, perfection and sustainability every step of the way, the commercial shines a spotlight on the Thatchers world in this contemporary way.”
Thatchers makes cider at the same family farm where founder William Thatcher first grew and pressed apples almost 120 years ago. While Thatchers has grown into a widely popular, contemporary brand, it retains a focus on heritage and hands-on techniques. This combination of old and new is reflected in the stop motion medium, which combines traditional artistry and modern technology. The result is a carefully-created commercial which perfectly tells the story of Thatchers’ commitment to its craft.


Nicola Roberts, Executive Creative Director, says: “It’s taken meticulous attention to detail from everyone involved to authentically capture and convey Thatchers’ essence… down to every tiny apple being selected and hand painted by a model maker. Every person in the process has been an expert in their field. A perfectionist.”


Will Studd, director at Aardman says: “It’s always a pleasure to work with the team at Bray Leino and I am thrilled to direct their new advert for Thatchers, a cider brand that shares our passion for craft and attention to detail. As a paid-up cider enthusiast, I drank up the opportunity to bring the Thatchers family, farm, dog, and selected staff members to life with detailed puppets and sets.”


Bray Leino’s Media team has planned a multi-media launch, with the campaign continuing through to August. This will include linear TV, broadcast video on demand, cinema and YouTube. This will be enhanced with 48 sheet and 6 sheet OOH, and a social media campaign.



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