We could be Heroes

We could be Heroes


In a world of unlimited excess and innovation, where more is no longer nearly enough, are we perhaps in danger of running out of words? Because there’s only so many superlatives in the English language. Once we use them all up, that’s it: they’re gone.

Of course, you could say that my profession is partly to blame and I’d say that was a fair cop. We advertising types are guilty of elevating many a mundane product to heroic, nay iconic, status and in doing so, encouraging the lazy degradation of our language.

The moral of the story?  Let’s try to pull back and keep some of those special words for the genuinely deserving occasions.  Not ignore or neglect them but give them the respect they deserve. So that, come the day we really need them, they still mean what they were meant to mean. 

In our latest article for The Drum, James Clifton, MISSION Group Chief Executive, looks at the use of hyperbole in marketing, the influence of reality TV and celebrity culture and debates the merits of searching for the hidden gems in our language to offer more creative alternatives. Read the article here.