TV or not TV: Advertising during lockdown

TV or not TV: Advertising during lockdown


Like most industries, advertising faces an uncertain time right now. There are a few different responses we are observing: some advertisers are shifting their media budgets between channels, while others are postponing campaigns, or in certain categories, cancelling planned activity altogether.

With so many of us confined to our homes for the majority of the day, we are seeing huge shifts in media consumption across the UK, so as you would expect, there is a primary change to ‘at home’ channels. It’s no surprise that Digital, TV, VOD and radio are enjoying huge audience surges at this time.

TV has taken on a bigger significance in people’s lives, as people tune into the daily Government briefings, seeking the latest news, information and analysis. Since the lockdown came into place, we’ve seen shifts in how viewers are consuming TV content.

But it’s not just TV viewing habits that are changing under the impact of COVID-19. Here MISSION Agency, krow Ireland, discusses the importance of understanding the changes to marketing channels’ reach and frequency as brands plan media activity during this time of flux.