The purpose of Purpose in a post-pandemic world

The purpose of Purpose in a post-pandemic world


Most reasonable people would agree that we are living in “interesting times”, as the old Chinese proverb puts it. 

I confess that I don’t know if a “new normal” will emerge or not.  Nor what it will look like if it does.  But I do know that, right now, things certainly feel different from before and the future is very unclear for many brands and their leaders. 

The temptation for business leaders, faced with such unprecedented change, is of course to try to adapt to the prevailing conditions and thus preserve their businesses, their customer bases and their income streams. Indeed, there are stakeholders counting on them to do just that, so it’s no surprise that they feel under enormous pressure to re-examine everything and make changes, often on the hoof. But I would counsel caution in at least one important area before making reactionary changes and that is in the area of Brand Purpose.

In our latest article for The Drum, James Clifton, MISSION Group Chief Executive, explores the issues surrounding purpose in 2020 and how businesses can ensure theirs remains authentic and genuine, despite these difficult times. Read the article here.