Story UK launches TV campaign for M&S Pet Insurance

Story UK launches TV campaign for M&S Pet Insurance


MISSION Agency, Story UK, has created the first TV and digital campaign for M&S Bank’s Pet Insurance product.

Commissioned via a partnership between the bank and underwriters, the TV advert promotes a ‘12 month for the price of 9’ offer on M&S Pet Insurance.

The film features a cat and dog (Mollie and Barney) set to a voiceover that is believed at first to be the pet owners discussing the on-screen duo. As the advert concludes, viewers soon discover that it was in fact the pets who had been discussing their owners.

The creative campaign was rolled out through Sky’s AdSmart, allowing M&S Bank to micro target households with pets. To support the TV advert, aligned social media targeting engaged pet owners through Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

The TV advert was produced by Greg Mills through Smoke and Mirrors, and directed by Trevor Melvin, renowned for his work with on-screen animal talent.  

Sue Mullen, Managing Director at Story UK, said: “This was an exciting and creatively fulfilling brief and we’re very pleased with the resulting campaign. It was great to work closely with M&S Bank and RSA to bring M&S Pet Insurance to TV screens for the first time.”

James Clifton, MISSION Group Chief Executive, added: “This is a fantastic campaign by Story UK and a perfect example of how their creative skills combine with audience insights to generate stand-out campaign for Clients.”