Speed launches bespoke online PR measurement tool ‘PACE’

Speed launches bespoke online PR measurement tool ‘PACE’


MISSION PR and communications Agency, Speed, has launched a new bespoke online analytics tool that enables Clients to track campaign performance in real-time.

PACE provides a dynamic and interactive analytics dashboard, allowing communications professionals to demonstrate bottom line impact by measuring campaign activities alongside organisational performance.

Built on Microsoft Power BI, PACE combines multiple measurements and data sources - like media mentions, influencer engagement, website performance, marketing qualified leads and sales data. It applies a methodology based on best practice principles supported by the Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC).

PACE was unveiled to marketing industry leaders at a special event in London in November, coinciding with AMEC’s Measurement Month 2019.

The launch is the result of two years of research and development and represents a significant investment by the Agency, as well as an acknowledgement that effective measurement continues to be a top priority for businesses and brands investing in communications campaigns.

Kelly Pepworth, Managing Director at Speed, said: “Any business investment needs to be able to demonstrate return and PR is not an exception to this rule. Clients expect to be able to assess the commercial impact of their PR budget and rightly so. Speed is committed to helping raise the standard of measurement in our industry.

It is an essential part of our offer for Clients, regardless of the size or scale of their campaign, and our approach needed to go beyond coverage volumes and brand mentions. Instead, we have developed a cost-effective tool that allows our Clients to see in real-time how their campaigns are impacting on business objectives.”

James Clifton, MISSION Group Chief Executive, added: “Measurement is becoming more and more important for both Agencies and Clients. It is great to see Speed leading the way, ensuring that they can evidence the impact their work is having for Clients.”