Ordnance Survey maps new path with AprilSix Proof

Ordnance Survey maps new path with AprilSix Proof


Ordnance Survey has appointed tech and science specialists AprilSix Proof, part of themission, to deliver its biggest ever content marketing campaign, following an open tender and pitch process.

Ordnance Survey is Great Britain’s national mapping agency. It carries out the official surveying of Great Britain, and provides the most accurate and up-to-date geospatial data – information about where people and objects are in relation to a particular geographic location – available.

The strategic content campaign will focus on changing the perception of Ordnance Survey with government and business audiences so that they better understand the role of geospatial data in creating a smarter nation. As well as underpinning the rollout of driverless cars and renewable energy, geospatial data will also be crucial to implementing better connectivity and healthcare services, throughout the UK.

AprilSix Proof will design and execute a six-month content campaign encompassing multiple digital formats to reach segmented audiences across different platforms, designed to cultivate new associations of the Ordnance Survey brand within the geospatial innovation space.

Claire Savage, Head of Brand Marketing at Ordnance Survey said, “We’re excited to tell our story and explain the role geospatial information will play in Britain’s future. We believe geospatial data enables informed decision-making across government and business, and is a driver for growth.”

Ellie Dobson, Head of Science, Engineering & Innovation at AprilSix Proof said, “Ordnance Survey is a British institution and has been at the forefront of innovation for over 200 years, but only a part of their story is known to many. It’s a real privilege to be working together with their talented team to tell the other side of their story, bringing national audiences on their journey towards a smart future underpinned by Ordnance Survey’s data and expertise.”

Jim Sutton, Managing Director of AprilSix Proof said “We have 10 years’ experience in communicating the science and technology of location as well as deep experience of IOT, big data and smart cities. Being able to combine these science communication capabilities with the creative expertise of the April Six studio make this the dream job for us.”