Listen up: the rise of audio content in marketing

Listen up: the rise of audio content in marketing


If the modern-day equivalent of the water cooler moment (the first few minutes of chat at the start of team Zoom calls!) is to be believed, then there are few things getting colleagues and clients more excited right now than podcasts. More and more household brands from Sephora to Vodafone are starting to launch their own podcasts, seeking new ways to create deeper engagement with customers, and with 12% of UK adults listening to podcasts every week, it’s hardly surprising.

It’s not just podcasts that are having a boom moment as a result of the pandemic, commercial radio saw listening times increase significantly in the UK during the first few months of lockdown, with 38% of listeners tuning in for an extra hour and 45 minutes each day in April as people adjusted to life working from home.

With shorter production times and lower content creation costs generally than video, along with the ability to tell compelling stories in bitesize formats and on the go, we may well be tuning in to the beginnings of an audio revolution in marketing.

In our latest article for The Drum, Cat Davis, Group Marketing Director for MISSION Group, talks to Agency heads about how they have been working with Clients to produce creative audio content during lockdown and where they think the future lies for this area of marketing as we start to return to previous routines