Homing In - Location, Vocation, Vacation

Homing In - Location, Vocation, Vacation


At the turn of the year, none of us could have predicted how much time we would be spending in our homes and how the lockdown experience would fundamentally change our expectations of them.

Before lockdown, 70% of Brits had never worked from home or even contemplated home-schooling, so a space to work was not high on the priority list for most. Consequently, the move to open-plan, free form living space has come under scrutiny, with some questioning if it is best for family living when everyone is at home at the same time. 

Those sunny days in April when we were still only allowed one outside trip a day made us all truly appreciate the physical and mental importance of outdoor space with google search data showing a 1000% increase in searches for hot tubs, 500% for outdoor kitchens and even a resurgence in interest in the outdoor toilet.

These functional changes in the home provide obvious opportunities for brands and businesses to consider new target audiences and products, with features that have previously been for the privileged, like homes offices and gyms, likely to become more mainstream. But it’s the changing emotional relationship consumers have with their homes that provides the key to gaining competitive advantage.

In our latest article for The Drum Rebecca Broomfield, Director of Consumer & Hospitality at Speed Communications and Dr Simon Moore, CEO of Innovationbubble, explore how COVID-19 has changed our relationships with our homes and gardens and how to use this insight to win with customers. Read the article here.