Fuse. Looking for bright sparks

Fuse. Looking for bright sparks


Launching in July 2017, Fuse is an exciting new Group initiative from the missiontm. It embraces emerging technologies in hardware and software to create transformative products.

Fuse will represent and support the existing range of fantastic technology products offered by the missiontm companies, whilst seeking innovative ideas for new products from across the Group.

The purpose of Fuse is to maximise the potential of ideas, products and services from our 15 Agencies and 1000 individuals across the globe. It will encourage collaboration and sharing of knowledge and experiences to create brilliant solutions for existing and new Clients.

From launch, products available via Fuse will include:

  • Pathfindr Locate – Intelligent asset/part tracking and manufacturing plant intelligence
  • Pathfindr Navigate – Accurate and cost-effective indoor navigation
  • Cortex – A comprehensive network marketing system that delivers effective, measurable local marketing and engagement 
  • Broadcare – Market-leading tracking and reporting system for continuing healthcare

Other products are already being developed and lined up for release in 2018.

Fuse will regularly share technology and innovation insights across the Group, providing guidance and inspiration for colleagues. It will also run a series of interactive events and initiatives to help individuals and teams devise ideas and nurture them into new products and services.

An annual flagship innovation programme, Ignition, will launch in 2018. The competition will be open to anyone in the missiontm to submit an idea for any type of product or service. Shortlisted entries will pitch their ideas to the Fuse Ignition panel, and one winner will receive investment to develop their idea.

“We’ve always recognised that we have brilliant, inquisitive and innovative minds across the missiontm, said James Clifton, Fuse CEO and Mission Executive Director. “Fuse will provide extra support and opportunities for ideas to flourish whilst also taking our well established products to the next level”.

Matt Isherwood, Fuse Managing Director added, “We’ve been working hard over the last few months to plan and set up Fuse. Now we can’t wait to launch and tell everyone how they can get involved.”

View the Fuse website for more information: www.getfuse.co.uk