Feeding consumers’ app-etite for digital engagement

Feeding consumers’ app-etite for digital engagement


Of all the numerous ways in which our lives have been altered by the current global pandemic, one of the most significant must surely be the reliance on digital technology to facilitate all aspects of our existence – from socialising to working, to shopping.

With this has come a huge acceleration in our shift towards being digitally savvy consumers, with a recent report from KPMG showing that 25% of customers in the UK have downloaded a new app as a way of engaging with a brand or business during lockdown, and 42% of consumers predicting they will shop online more often than before the COVID-19 outbreak.

These findings have significant implications for the marketing industry, as we help Clients adapt to changing customer behaviour and demands for greater digital engagement platforms. In particular, Agencies are having to look at their app offering, consider how they can empower Clients to take advantage of the growing opportunities for customer engagement in this space and how they can stand out in the increasingly competitive app marketplace.

In a new article for The Drum, Cat Davis, Group Marketing Director for MISSION Group, speaks to Agency heads about how they are working with Clients to utilise apps to drive greater customer engagement, and critically, how they can drive app usage through creative and thoughtful marketing content. Read the article here.