the missiontm Agency Bray Leino recently helped adult cough medicine maker Covonia stand out, when quick thinking created a viral social video following the Prime Minister’s now-infamous Conference speech.

The 14-second video showed the lettering falling off the stage backdrop as Theresa May spluttered through her speech, with the letters reforming in the bottom corner to say ‘Try Covonia’. Cheekily referencing the Labour election slogan, the copy line read simply “Cough medicine for the many, not the few.”

Using a combination of paid media and huge organic reach, the video reached over 300,000 people, being shared well over a thousand times, with hundreds of reactions and comments. Bray Leino’s social team were on the case throughout, answering back with witty responses to lots of the commenters.

Going live the day immediately after the PM’s speech was crucial to the video’s success and shows that there are real opportunities out there for brands who are prepared to move quickly and think innovatively.

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