Bray Leino helps create a Life Line for Covid-19 hospital patients and staff

Bray Leino helps create a Life Line for Covid-19 hospital patients and staff


In order to support patients, their loved ones, and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) staff during the Covid-19 crisis, MISSION Agency, Bray Leino, has helped name and brand a vital new hospital communication system, Life Lines.

With the UK in the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic, people suffering from Covid-19 are being admitted to hospitals across the country, and families are prohibited from visiting their sick relatives, even those who are sadly reaching the end of their life. This situation is compounding the distress for families, patients and the strained hospital staff.

ICU teams needed a communications solution that could work within ICUs for a multitude of needs, particularly for families to be able to see, speak to or communicate with the ICU team caring for their loved ones in critical care.

Dr Joel Meyer, ICU consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’, and Professor Louise Rose at King’s College London adapted the aTouchAway app from Canadian tech firm Aetonix Systems, to enable virtual family visiting in ICUs, via video link.

In a matter of a few days, Dr Meyer and Professor Rose coordinated an unprecedented collaboration of the UK’s major phone networks, technology platforms and device manufacturers, who donated equipment, software and connectivity to ensure the system works perfectly and, crucially, can be rolled out to as many ICUs as possible.

Bray Leino offered to help name and brand this vital project – which is how Life Lines and the tag line, be with them when you can’t be near them, was born.

The name, line and logo, created and developed within a matter of hours, emphasise both the human to human contact and the role of technology to deliver a failsafe, secure solution.

The Life Lines solution is now being installed at 288 Covid-19 critical care units across 144 hospitals, and aims to provide two tablets to every ICU across the UK. The number of tablets per ICU will increase in the coming weeks, supported by a fundraising campaign.

Dr Joel Meyer says: “When we set out on this project, we never could have believed the scale or speed of its success. The response from all the partners involved in this has been overwhelming. And Bray Leino’s support in communicating our message has been instrumental.”

Kate Cox, Bray Leino CEO, says: “When Joel contacted us, the impact of what he and Louise were trying to achieve was immediately clear. There was only limited information, and very little time. But the idea was really powerful, and the potential so great, we worked quickly to turnaround the creative in 24 hours. We’re enormously proud to support the NHS, patients and their families at this critical time.”

James Clifton, MISSION Group Chief Executive, added: “This is an extraordinary initiative, and one that I’m sure all the team are delighted to be a part of. The impressive creative, especially under such time constraints, is a great testament to the work of Bray Leino. Hat’s off also to Joel, Louise and the Life Lines team for bringing an incredible idea to fruition so rapidly.”