Brand Bonding for a post-COVID world

Brand Bonding for a post-COVID world


It’s still too early to say what shape the recovery will be, but what is emerging from the fog of the pandemic/recession mash-up are ambitious brands moving beyond the virtue-signaling of “we’re all in this together” to begin positioning for a post COVID-19 world. In doing so, they’re placing bets on what our lives will look and feel like in the future. 

Marketers’ role within this will be to help identify and understand the customer, decide how and where to engage with them, distil the brand’s proposition to its simplest, clearest form, then show how perfectly it fits into their personal world, in every way: economic, functional, societal and emotional.

I call it “brand bonding.”

In his article for CEO Today James Clifton, MISSION Group Chief Executive, looks at some of the brands and businesses likely to flourish in a post COVID-19 world and how the bonds formed with consumers in a time of crisis could be critical to future success. Read the article here.